A wide selection of pool models produced by various manufacturers poses a question to customers about which pool is better: inflatable or frame? A detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of structure, comparison of the cost of different options, as well as reviews of those who have been using their personal reservoir for some time, will help to give preference to a particular model. Invariably, only the fact that the purchase of a frame or inflatable pool is available to a person with any level of income.

frame pool

Characteristics of frame pools

The very name of this tank indicates that it consists of a frame. As a rule, these are film pools with a predetermined shape and size at the factory. It is installed on a flat surface, or in a special depression in the ground. The bowl made of film is attached to the frame using special accessories. When the installation is complete, you can immediately fill it with water.

frame pool

How frame pools are classified

They are divided into several types according to several criteria. By frame type:

  • Core;
  • Leafy.

By appointment:

  • Family
  • Baby.

By operation:

  • Frost resistant;
  • Seasonal

By installation method:

  • Located on the surface of the soil;
  • Dug in.

Rod models are easy to disassemble and disassemble, but they have a small depth. Leaf reservoirs are collected more difficult, but the strength of their walls is much higher from the first option. Another advantage of sheet frame models is that they are easy to clean.

frame pool

Why choose a frame pool? Advantages and disadvantages

Budgeting, ease of construction, ease of maintenance – this is not the whole list of advantages of the frame construction of the pool.

So an artificial reservoir consists of two parts – a metal frame (pipe) and a bowl made of a thick PVC film. Depending on the materials, a frame pool can be a light mobile summer option, or a full-fledged stationary structure that can winter completely frozen.


  • The average life of 10 years, which is much longer than that of inflatable analogues.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation, to temperature extremes.
  • Resistance to various mechanical damages. The most durable option is polyester.
  • A variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Relatively low price. It grows with increasing size, complicating the shape.


  • The main drawback is the complexity of installing additional equipment.
  • Carcassers are not always equipped with filters, pumps, ladders, etc. You have to buy them and install them yourself.
frame pool

How to choose a shape and size

The assortment of wireframe models is very wide. The minimum length of the side of the tank is 0.6 m, the maximum is 10 m. The depth varies from 0.5 to 2.5-3 m. You can find a small bowl for babies and a tank for bathing a large family. The standard shape of the wireframe is a circle. There are rectangles and ovals. Asymmetric containers of complex shapes are produced. Their price, respectively, is higher.

Some manufacturers produce systems with hydro massage. They are equipped with several nozzles that supply air and water. As a rule, these models can accommodate no more than two people. The size of the reservoir is often determined by the free area where it is supposed to be installed. So, for a small dacha, reservoirs with a depth of about 1.5 m are optimal. They are compact, but at the same time quite roomy. Children and adults bathe in them.

frame pool

Where better to put a frame pool

It is not enough just to find a good frame pool – you also need to choose a suitable place on the site for its installation. This is a guarantee of a long service life. It is better to place a pond near the source of water supply (water supply or well) and not under the crowns of trees, which are a source of shade and debris. It is advisable that the pool be located in close proximity to the drain and the power source. Do not forget that at least a little free space should remain around the structure to provide access to the pool. Preference is given to flat areas, the slope angle of a maximum of 5 degrees.

The main methods of mounting

The installation method may determine which frame pool is best to choose. There are two options.

  • Installation on a prepared site. The site is filled with concrete or at least well rammed. It should be as smooth as possible. This way, seasonal reservoirs of small depth are put in.
  • Installation in the pit. Suitable for frost-resistant leaf and standard systems. Their depth can reach up to 3 m. The method is labor-intensive, but the result is a full-fledged bowl. It is designed taking into account the features of landscape design.
frame pool

Operation and maintenance of a frame pool

Careful operation and proper care will significantly extend the service life of the frame pool. Please read the recommendations below carefully. As already mentioned, the use of accessories has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the product.

When installing the pool, be sure to put a Mat under it. It perfectly prevents abrasion and punctures of the bottom of the bowl, as well as partially isolates the return of water heat to the soil. When the pool is not used by anyone, you should cover it with a special tent. It prevents dirt, debris and foreign objects from entering the water, helps to preserve heat and does not allow water to quickly evaporate.

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If you have a seasonal or all-season pool with a side height above 90 cm, then using a ladder is extremely necessary. Firstly, it is convenient, and secondly, it is safe, thirdly, you will be able to maintain the integrity of the frame structure, since the beams are not designed so that, leaning or standing on them, you can enter the pool or get out of it. We will say right away that frames are sold separately, but not all and not everywhere, and their purchase will not be cheap. If you have a stationary frame pool, which is deepened into the ground, then the use of the stairs is at your discretion.

How to prepare for winter

So, let’s move on to an equally important issue, namely the storage of a frame pool in the cold season. Seasonal pools, clearly, need to be disassembled and stored at a plus temperature. All-season models can either be disassembled or left on the street, pre-prepared, although you still need to take into account the climatic features of the winter period in your region. If your winters are very cold and the temperature falls more than minus 25 degrees, it is better to dismantle the pool and store it in a warm room. In the case of stationary pools, the only option is careful conservation and preparation for cold weather. Preparatory work should begin when the air temperature on the street falls to 13-15 degrees Celsius.

frame pool

First, consider the option of disassembling the pool for its subsequent storage in a warm room. Ideally, the bottom and sides should be washed well with a vacuum brush (the accessory comes in a cleaning kit). Then, using a special drain valve, empty the bowl and thoroughly walk the detergent through the so-called water line, since it is there that the largest amount of mud deposits accumulates. Next, you need to let the bowl dry well, but for now, take care of the filter pump, stairs and other accessories. Disconnect the hoses, open the unit and dry it in the sun. Wash the stairs, awning, skimmer and also leave to dry.

After making sure that the bowl is dry, proceed to disassemble the frame. Gently fold the beams into the box, after washing them and wiping them dry. The instructions schematically show how to fold the bowl correctly. Next, put it in a bag and put it in a box. Take all the components and accessories of your pool to a warm, dry room.

Now let’s consider what measures need to be taken for the conservation of an all-season or stationary frame pool with its subsequent storage on the street. It is worth noting that you can not completely drain all the water from the bowl, as the freezing ground can damage it. Start.

frame pool

First, you need to remove visible dirt using the cleaning kit. Secondly, it is necessary to conduct chemical treatment of water. This will take some time, so in the meantime, clean and dry your accessories, and look for empty plastic bottles or cans. You will need them for the next stages of conservation.

After that, disconnect the filter pump, dry it well, and take it to a storage place. Details of dismantling and preparation for storage are described in the instructions for the unit. Then you should protect the bowl from the expansion of frozen water. Just for this we need empty plastic containers. They need to be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the water. To do this, you need to tie the load to the bottles (sandbags or pebbles will go), and ideally, still fix the position of the makeshift floats, tying them to the sides. In conclusion, it is necessary to cover the pool with a frost-resistant awning (as a rule, it is included).

Best manufacturers of frame pools

The manufacturer’s name is a kind of quality guarantee. By the way, large companies offer a very real guarantee for their products, so it is better to give preference when choosing their products. Minor savings when buying questionable products can eventually turn sideways, and the saved amount will not buy a new pool. Trust the best proven manufacturers of frame pools, including:

  • Intex is a world leader in the production of inflatable and frame pools. The company was founded in 1964 in Los Angeles, today factories are located around the world, and products are sold in hundreds of countries. The assortment of frame pools is huge, you can find models of different sizes, but all of them are of the highest quality and affordable price;
  • Bestway is a Chinese company, whose assortment of frame pools is also considerable. All of them are made of triple reinforced film, and the frame is reliably protected from corrosion. Prices are average;
  • Uni Pool is a German company with a 40-year history. Produces high-quality frame pools, specializes in sheet models. German quality has always been in the price, so unipool pools will cost more than Intex or Bestway;
  • Azuro is a good Czech manufacturer that pays attention to every detail, so frame pools are of high quality and durable;
  • Atlantic Pool – Canadian-made pools, which are now in demand in 90 countries. All models are equipped with a sand filter (it is better than usual on paper cartridges) and a skimmer, almost all structures are frost-resistant;
  • Sunny Pool is a German company whose pools are not very widespread in the domestic market, but are still in demand among those who are willing to pay for the highest quality;
  • Krulland is another German manufacturer, in the assortment there are pools of different sizes and shapes, the maximum depth is 2 m.
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Now you know how to choose the right frame pool. See what online stores in your city offer you. Then select the models that are most suitable, compare prices and make a purchase.